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[R] Think big をA.I.リスニング




ドナルド・トランプのThink Bigを読みました。



Dream big because what you dream is what you will do.

If you want to make tons of money, do not be shy: set a big deal.

Be lean and hungry, and at every level set even higher goals and challenges for yourself.

Take action every day, and stay focused for the long haul.

Soak up more and more knowledge, so that you always know what you are doing.

Pride yourself on your ability to find creative solutions to tough problems.

Be passionate about your work.

Never take no for an answer.

Learn to trust your gut.

Hire the best people, and do not trust them.

Get even with people who do you wrong.

Never stop focusing on your objectives, even when things are good.

Always get a prenuptial agreement.

Find your passion and love what you do.

Do not do things you don’t like just for the money.

Do your best, be passionate, and good things will come to you.

Give your goals values that are not monetary.

Know that passion conquers fear.

Serve your passion by taking action every day.

Take great joy in doing a great job.

Focus on the solution, not on the problem.

Handle pressure by learning not to dwell on negative thought and opinions of others.

Learn from mistakes, but do not let them take you down.

Be mentally tough and never give up.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

You need really good instincts to make the best decisions.

With experience, you can learn to go with your gut.

When you shake hands with somebody, you make a deal, so keep your word.

Going with your instincts requires turning in to everything around your decision.

Use instinct to perfect timing.

Get all the facts, then go with your gut.

Some people are naturally luckier than others, but that is just a small starting point.

You can create your own luck.

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

The world does not owe you anything: you have to work for it.

Good luck does not come overnight.

Be open to new information and ideas.

Always think positively and expect the best.

Do not let anything get in your way.

Protect your back by thinking negatively.

Stay confident even when something bad happens. It is just a bump in the road. It will pass.

Do not have illusions: the world is a brutal place full of vicious people.

Everyone wants to kill the fastest gun.

Lions kill for food, humans kill for sport.

Get some respect, and do not give a damn if people like you.

Know your stuff and you will command instant respect.

Always dress for respect.

Get the best people, and do not trust them.

Only hire people with positive attitudes and get rid of the “bad apples” fast.

Inspire people with a powerful team spirit.

Value loyalty above everything else.

Forgive people for their first honest mistake.

Never forgive a crook.

Set high standards for people and expect they will fulfill them.

When somebody screws you, screw them back in spades.

Forgive good people, but never forgive someone who is bad.

When someone attacks you publicly, always strike back.

If you want to stop a bully, hit them right between the eyes. They will think twice about doing it again.

Even some of the toughest top athletes are schmucks who let people steal from them and are afraid to get even.

Always have a good reason to get even.

Go for the jugular so that people watching will not want to mess with you.

If someone knows they made a mistake and they apologize, forgive them and move on, but never trust them again.

When you start something new, you have no momentum.

With every action you take and every task you complete you are building momentum.

When momentum reaches a critical mass, everybody is on ready alert and has you on their radar screens.

When people see momentum, they want to be part of it.

To get momentum, focus on a specific goal with passion and intensity.

Specialized knowledge builds momentum.

Getting an experienced mentor helps momentum.

To keep momentum, keep challenging yourself.

Remember to keep going: if you stop, your momentum will stop.

Use adverse events and monumental challenges to make you stronger.

Never give up on yourself.

When you reach the top, keep your momentum rolling by giving back to society.

Remember that success is never easy.

Always take your work seriously.

Keep focusing on doing what you love, even if times are tough.

Acknowledge your problems, but focus on what feels good.

Time is on your side, things do not continue downward forever.

Who you marry can impact your ability to focus.

He or she who focuses the longest wins.

Focus and discipline are habits that everyone can learn.

Worry destroys focus.

Be flexbly focused. Focus does not mean being narrow-minded or rigid.

Be pliable enough to adjust to changing circumstances.

People lives get destroyed because they did not have a prenup.

Fifty-eight percent of marriages end in divorce.

Do not let love cloud your judgement.

There is nothing more terrible than a man and a woman, who use to love each other, clawing at each other’s throats over money and property.

Both men and women need prenups.

Nobody plans on getting divorced.

A prenup is a certainty agreement that defines what happens in case of a divorce.

A prenup is not the most romantic things to do, but you really need it.

Thinking big has led to all of humankind’s greatest achievements.

Focus on the top and you will get there.

It is easier to do things on a large scale.

Overcome the fear of thinking big.

Mold yourself into the person who can do big things.

Adopt a big attitude to go with your big thinking.

Give yourself a big definition.

Draw positive conclusions about yourself.

Go first class all the way.

Display a big attitude in your personal and social life as well.

Always think of yourself as someone who is important.

Speak out like a big thinker.

Hang out with other big thinkers.

Put big thoughts into action right away.

Build confidence starting with small successes that lead to greather and greater successes.

Take advantage of big trends.

Keep away from negative people in business and life.

Avoid sinking into dangerous self-criticism.

After every setback, start thinking big as soon as possible.