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[R] 【適当翻訳】The Magic of Believing


It seems to me that the women of today have the means of getting about everything they set their mind to.


Certainly opportunities are all around them.


In fact, there never was a time in history when the world was so open to women as it is today.


There are comparatively few fields among those which were formerly restricted to men in which women are no to now represented.


Today you’ll find women in science, the fine arts, journalism, publicity, government, and various other branches, all working intelligently and with full knowledge of their duties and aware of their new opportunities and responsibilities.


There can hardly be any doubt that all of this is largely because modern women are receiving the same education as men, with the result that they are not alone becoming acquainted with subject hitherto regarded as essentially for men, but that their conscious or reasoning mind is being developed.


In a way, it is perhaps superfluous for me to call women’s attention to the importance and advantage of using their subconscious mind, for they have always used it.


As a matter of fact, they are experts in the use of it — only they have always thought of it as woman’s intuition.


My point is that the subconscious is much more than intuition and that it possesses great forces which can be set in motion for the benefit not only of men but of women also, through the application of the power of dynamic believing.


As I pointed out earlier, wonderful results are brought about by the conscious mind’s conveying the will-to-do through believing to the subconscious, and this immediately sets the subconscious in action to carry out the desires of the individual.


Now the women of modern times have a unique advantage, I might say, a twofold mental advantage: to their subconscious mind the skilled use of which is characteristic of their sex and which has been highly developed and been their unconscious, though intiiuitive, guide through the ages, there has been added their conscious mind which has been specially developed by the scientific method of modern education.




It is this combination which accounts for the speed with which women have acquired such rapid proficiency in so many of the so-called masculine subjects: and it is largely responsible not only for women’s emerging from the traditional life within the home, but also for their entrance into the world where their view of people and practical affairs is broadened, made more objective and more understanding.


Furthermore, it enables women in the home to have a better comprehension of the work of their men, as well as a deeper interest in the school studies and future life-work of their children.









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